We exist to invest in and save companies.

When it comes to investment, some people can be a little stuck in their ways.

A little stale.

It’s time for a fresh approach…

Fresh Thinking is an independent capital investment group with a difference. We operate across the UK and Europe in sectors like digital, eCommerce, tech and logistics.

Not only do we exist to invest in and save companies…

…we also help three types of business: 

1. Healthy companies looking to grow

2. Distressed companies looking for help

3. Start-ups looking to get going.

While money matters, it’s not the be-all and end-all. We care about people, and invest a lot more than capital which can include Advisory, Bookkeeping and Accountancy Services.

Our time, effort, expertise, and collaboration goes into every investment.

Basically, we’re with you all the way. 

So how does it all work?


If you’re a healthy business with the aspiration of moving to the next level, we can help

We can provide everything from capital injections, industry specific advice, and R&D to ensure the next phase of your business growth is a huge success.

If you’re a business in distress

We can give you a new lease of life.

By acquiring your company we can invest in all areas of your business. As much as an owner we want to be your partner. Together we can analyse all aspects of your company, make quick decisions, offer guidance, and execute independent reviews to collectively ensure the business is a profitable success.


If you’re a start up

We’ll start planting seeds.

We’ll ensure you don’t just succeed but thrive, and do so over the long term. We’ll raise your profile, boost your prospects, and foster a real culture of entrepreneurship.

Every step along the way, we make sure our work has a real, meaningful, positive impact.


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Did you know?


of entrepreneurs who apply for a loan use it to expand their business

The number of distressed companies in UK, after increasing by 3 per cent in the first quarter of this year


The amount by which the number of UK businesses in significant financial distress has soared by in the last three years


of UK employees want to start their own business


Take your first step towards a brighter future.

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