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Finding your company values are important as it supports the company’s vision, ensures your employees are working towards the same goals and shapes the company’s culture.

Your core company values impact your business strategy, helps you improve team cohesion, creates a purpose and a sense of commitment in the workplace.

These values play a role in attracting future talents to hire. 46% of job seekers say company culture is a crucial element when applying for a job role. (builtin.com)

Every business needs to find the right talent where your company values share the same values as the candidate you are about to hire.

Building a strong company begins with a company culture that reflects your core values.


The Definition and Principles of your Company Values.

Your company values are the principles, beliefs and philosophies that drive your business.

It impacts the relationship you create with your shareholders, customers, partners and impacts employee experience. This will help you differentiate your business from the competition.

When it comes to knowing your values, you have to truly honour them and set the right example for all of your employees. By following and integrating your values into your daily work, your employees will follow and be able to build trust within the workplace.


Company Values are the Heart of your Business.

Does this decision reflect our values?

That is what every employer should be asking. Company values reflect what you and your employees stand for. It gives them a sense of responsibility.

Your core company values help everyone by organising how to reach the goals you have set for the company.

In essence, it impacts all aspects of your business from your sales teams, marketing strategies, production team and customer service.

Company values help boost employee advocacy, morale, motivation, and provide security and guidance in the workplace.


Common Company Values.

Here are some examples of company values we often have seen. You will never find companies with the same set of values. 

  1. Integrity
  2. Boldness
  3. Humility
  4. Honesty
  5. Fairness
  6. Trustworthiness
  7. Learning
  8. Customer Experience
  9. Passion
  10. Balance
  11. Fun
  12. Self-Discipline
  13. Accountability
  14. Discipline
  15. Ownership
  16. Result oriented
  17. Constant Improvement
  18. Leadership
  19. Hard work
  20. Diversity
  21. Employee Development
  22. Innovation
  23. Quality
  24. Teamwork
  25. Simplicity
  26. Collaboration and Partnership
  27. Idealism
  28. Courage
  29. Unselfishness
  30. Self-Respect


Have Company Values that Empower Your Employees.

The values you adopt should help support your employees so they can be successful in the workplace. It is all about empowering and inspiring them to make their own decisions.

After all, everything you will accomplish will have been thanks to your extraordinary team and their ability to work effectively together.


Communicate Your Core Values. 

When you finally find what your core values are, you should communicate them so everyone is on board, such as your external stakeholders and employees. 

Communicating your company values doesn’t mean sending out monthly newsletters to your entire workforce or holding a PowerPoint presentation once in a while. 

Your company values should be visible every day at your workplace. The values need to be an integral part of your internal communication strategy. 

This is how you can create a sense of commitment, a synergy, and improve employee engagement.


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