The way we approach work today has changed. Lots of jobs worldwide now allow us to work comfortably from home. Technology allows us to communicate with our team and clients from the comfort of our own homes. 

Most people want the same two things out of their career; to be able to work from home and to be able to earn money doing something that they love. People spend years in jobs they are unhappy in. Our working lives make up the majority of our day, and right now people who have online businesses are doing better than those who don’t. So, how do you build a business from home doing something you love? It’s not as hard as you think. 

Create and sell products online.

So many startup businesses have achieved success selling something they are passionate about online. For example, if you are good at art, there is so much more you can do with your art online than just selling paintings or sketches. Etsy is a platform created for entrepreneurs to make money from things they create. Artists are thinking outside the box and printing their artistic creations on mugs, journals, cushions, utilising their talent in different ways to find more revenue streams. 

Lots of businesses who started selling on Etsy to make money on the side, have gone on to doing it full time. Alice Schaffer is one of Etsy’s biggest earners. Her Etsy business, Three Bird Nest started out as a way to make income on the side using her creative skills in fashion. Three Bird Nest is now a multimillion dollar business. 

The perfect example of a successful digital business created from home is Canva. Realising there was a gap in the market for a more simpler design product, Melanie Perkins started small by using her passion for design to create student yearbooks from her living room. Fast forward to 2020 and Melanie is now the owner of a design tool that is easy to use and accessed by social media marketers, designers and more. Canva now turns over $3.2 billion. 


Create a Service

Platforms like Fiverr and People Per Hour exist so entrepreneurs can sell their services online, most of which are doing so from their homes. With lots of B2B services able to be offered online, it makes sense that lots of people have started up their own SEO or web design service, using their area of expertise to branch out and make money online. If you are a design expert or have another skill that could be offered as an online service, then this is a great place to start. 

The current pandemic has unfortunately meant a significant amount of job losses worldwide, however this has provided entrepreneurs with the opportunity to start their own businesses doing something they love.

After working in marketing for years, Kirsty Lauder, founder of KL Proofreads took lockdown as an opportunity to go it alone and start her own proofreading business, something she had wanted to do for years. The monotonous combination of furlough and lockdown gave her the opportunity to start her own business. Using her skills as a proofreader, she is now taking on clients of her own and making money doing something that she loves. If you’re on furlough, 2020 may be the opportunity you need to start your own online business from home.   


Online Coaching Programmes

The availability and ease of video calling platforms have made online coaching a viable way to make money, and run a business. So many people want to start a business as a way to help others and online coaching is a great way to do this. Group coaching also offers a great opportunity to earn a high income, with wellness and mental health coaching costs advertised at a high rate. Your online coaching business could be anything from personal training via zoom, mental health support, or couples and relationship coaching. If you want to help others and earn money doing so, then starting your own online coaching business could be a great opportunity for you to do something you love, whilst working from home.  

Starting an online business from home is achievable, and lots of the time you already have the skills you need to succeed without even knowing it. Lots of people feel apprehensive about starting a business. They might worry they won’t be taken seriously or feel they aren’t good enough. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about starting your own business, then we can help. We help startups find their feet, and provide expert advice to entrepreneurs on how to get the most out of their business, helping them thrive now, and in the future. 


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